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Drabant Production Secur, Lexs, Natur, Meter, Jag,  S.kape289

More photos to come...


Drabant 2 - In the making...

Some stuff has happened since last time. We won an award called SPROING for best Norwegian comic of 2012 for Drabant! We would like to thank everybody for their support. Now we are working on the sequel. Be sure to check in here for updates once in a while. Also we have a Facebook-group that we update regulary. Be sure to check that out!



Drabant vol.2 (preliminary cover)

Did i mention that me and Øyvind Holen has started working on the sequel to the first Drabant book? Well, we have and currently the entire story is being storyboarded. I've also been doing a few drawings just to get started. I highly doubt that this particular one is gonna get used, but it got me started anyway. The first Volume of Drabant did pretty good and sold out in 3 months. A second edition is out as we speak and it has even been sold to Denmark. I hope Sweden is catching on soon. Keep looking out for updates! Check out our Facebook page for news! I probably have some more new stuff lying around and will be sure to post them here soon.