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Equicez (Single cover)

I made this cover for Norwegian rap-group Equicez's single "Det jeg er".

You can get the single at itunes HERE!


penga per

The talented new young Swedish rapper with a taste for Golden-age Hip Hop. None of these are completely done yet, but i haven't really figured out what to do with them yet, so..


Die Antwoord (2010)

Die Antwoord drawn in ink.


hiphop - graffiti * rap * breaking * dj-ing (2009)

This book is written by Øyvind Holen and illustrated by me. It's a factual book for children about the different elements in hip hop (target group 8-14 Years).

There are cartoons inside (not pictured), but i feel that they were a little rushed and could have been better.

All these drawing were done pretty small (A4) so what you see in the book is the original size(!). They work allright, but i cringe when i see the rough lines!

Some of Norway's Rap elite...

With this book both Øyvind and me won the award for best factual book for children and youth from the Norwegian  Ministry of Culture. That was pretty cool.