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Some of the characters. Hit the picture for a larger version.


Skilsecur (Collaboration with Skil - Part 3)

We decided do a little oldschool theme this time. 

Click the picture for a bigger view.

Here is all the inked elements together:

The letters were done separate. The same with the characters. The background ended up being made up of four A4 drawings. 


Collaboration with Skil (Top Dogz) Part 1

Graffiti-writer Skil is a very gifted artists from Sweden. We wanted to collaborate on something so we ended up with this. Click the pic for a higher resolution.Skil did the letters while i did the two characters. It was alot more fun to focus entirely on the characters and let someone much more skilled do the letters. Great fun! You can see more of Skil's work by clicking HERE.



Freia (2009-2010

These pictures were commissioned by Screenplay and were used for a game on Freias site. Screenplay did all the interface and actual game-graphics themselves. They also developed the site and created the idea for it.

I worked on these with Joachim Barrum and Chester Lawrence. The initial sketches for the scenery and the characters were done by me, Joachim took a swipe with his Photoshop brushes and me and Chester finished them. Sometimes we "rotated" the tasks and swapped the pictures among ourself so i guess these pictures is a good example of the typical Artplant style. A weird fusion between mine, Chester and Joachim's styles. We're used to work this way and it is pretty effective. When you grow tired on the one you're working with or you have problems with something in it, just swap!

We used Joachim's custom-brushes for all the pictures as we wanted a painted look to them.

This one was mostly done by me and Chester.

Me and Chester again.

Mostly Chester and Joachim's work, but i was involved in it aswell.

This one was completely done by me Joachim.

The Freia site won a Sølvtaggen award in March 2010.