battlestar galactica online - 3D models

Here is a some of the ships we created for the Battlestar Galactica Online game. Each ship took about 4-5 days to do all together. They are quite detailed, but not as much as they might appear. Around 5-8000 faces each. Some of the ships are earlier versions and might appear a little different in-game.

Tier 2 Colonial ship - Modeled by Alexey Suvorov. The design, details and texturing by me.

Tier 3 Colonial ship - Modeled by Alexey Suvorov. Design, detailing and texturing by me.

Tier 3 Colonial ship - Design, 3D-model and texturing were done by me.

Tier 2 Colonial ship - Design by Joachim Barrum. I buildt and textured it.

Here is a selection of concept art:

Stay tuned for more!



For a book-cover, but unfortunately the publisher decided not to use it.


Fransisco Perez Collaboration

Fransisco added some really neat colors and atmosphere to this line-drawing.

See more of Fransisco's work HERE



Sometimes i just cannot go to bed until i finish something.


Collaboration with Brasilsuecia

Great fun :)I was sent a snapshot of the letters with a partial background. I widened the image and continued on the background and did the character.

Check out more of Brasilsuecia's work here!



Here's a few character concepts i did for Artplants upcoming project.


Some older stuff.

I made a lot of pictures for this project and they were meant for some cut-scenes. These are just a small portion of what was created.


Skilsecur (Collaboration with Skil - Part 3)

We decided do a little oldschool theme this time. 

Click the picture for a bigger view.

Here is all the inked elements together:

The letters were done separate. The same with the characters. The background ended up being made up of four A4 drawings. 


hiphop - Faktaløve (childrens book)

Øyvind Holen has written yet another book about Hip Hop. This one is slimmer and is aimed for a younger group of readers than the last one. The target is 7-9 year olds. It didnt require as much art as the other book, but i managed to do a few illustrations in it as well as the cover. Here is one version of the cover:

The cover that was used can be seen HERE. Personally i prefer the colors in the one above + the fact that RUN DMC and Chuck D is in it:) But who'd wanna learn about those old-timers these days, right?



Collaboration with Skil (Top Dogz) Part 2

Skil made these letters first for the first image, but decided underway that something a little bit different was needed so i took the opportunity to do another character. Click the image to see a larger version.I've wanted to do a Bruce Lee drawing again for a long time so i figured this would fit in well with Skil's letters.




Collaboration with Skil (Top Dogz) Part 1

Graffiti-writer Skil is a very gifted artists from Sweden. We wanted to collaborate on something so we ended up with this. Click the pic for a higher resolution.Skil did the letters while i did the two characters. It was alot more fun to focus entirely on the characters and let someone much more skilled do the letters. Great fun! You can see more of Skil's work by clicking HERE.



The Beatles - Revolver 

Revolver is my favorite album off all time. Always enjoyed listening to it while studying the album-sleeve as a kid. The design was done by Klaus Voormann - an artist & friend of the Beatles from their early years in Hamburg. His delicate line-work has been a inspiration for so long so i wanted to do this as a little tribute.

The image was drawn completely with the pencil-tool in photoshop. Brian Bolland apparently uses this tool as it preserves the sharpness when printed (because there is no anti-alias). 



Moomins nintendo DS (2002-2003?)

We did the box-art for the Nintendo DS game, but after searching for it i cannot seem to find it. Maybe they decided to go for something else? I don't know. The picture was a collaboration between me, Joachim Barrum and perhaps Chester Lawrence was involved too. Cannot remember properly. I did the initial sketch as i remember and perhaps colored it quickly and Joachim took over from there and we'd split the picture and sat with one part each of the picture and finished it. The usual.


FHM - perversions illustration (2010)

I did 3 or 4 different drawings for the article. This is the only one i would show publicly.


kids (2010)

Ball-point pen sketches made for my sister.

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