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My methods when drawing

People ask how i work from time to time, so i thought i'd reveal some of my methods. 1. Ideas: Sitting down with a pencil and blank sheets of paper is probably the obvious thing to do. It's often a movie, music, book or some other artists work that sparks it off. Then the doodling begins. I rarely think of how the sketch looks. It is meant to be just for you. I like when the sketch is open to impretation so i try not to be too specific. Keeping it loose is the key here. After going through 4-5 sheets of sketches there's usually 1 idea good enough to explore further. I think it's important to have a good feeling about it. If there's something in it that bugs me i'll do another one instead of trying to fix it. For sketching i always use a HB-pencils. (Above)The initial rough sketch. 2.Cleaning up the sketch This idea was rather diffuse and it was picked out mainly just because i liked the poses. There is no idea behind the characters at all. Just people standing in different poses. After looking at it for a short while i started to started to Think of how i wanted the characters to look. Then i started off with leaving out the stuff i didn't want (like the big gun). Transferring the rough sketch into something more defined and cleaner went pretty smooth. In the past i often freezed up and did 5 or 6 tries before getting it done properly. Often the joy of doing it went away for each new try so the result often ended up stiff and boring. Now i try not to think to much and just get it done. After the characters were done i wanted a background. so i did a random one. If you can imagine some sort of story to the picture then it works. It might look thought out, but it's not :) (Above)The cleaned up version. 3.Inking & detailing The inked sketch were drawn on a A4-sheet so there was really not much room for details. Also the arm on the bird-man were too long so i changed the arm again giving him a more relaxed pose. The characters were printed out bigger than the original (so that they filled the A4 sheet completely). This way it would be easier to add details when inking. I used a light-table to trace the drawing with a pen using the print as a base. I like to start fresh and rarely ink over a pencil-sketch. It keeps the original clean. While tracing i corrected some mistakes and addrd details. I did the characters and background separate as you never know if you'd wanna change the placement of the characters. Finally i scan the 2 drawings and adjust the brightness/ contrast as the lines rarely turns out completely black. You'd want it as sharp as possible. What i usually do is to duplicate the layer (mostly) 3 or 4 times and set them to multiply. Its turns the lines completely black, but it also makes the white grey. To brighten it up again simply just duplicate the layer again and put it on top of the others and set it to overlay. Voila! Next i i use the magic-wand tool and cut out the characters then move it over to the background. The tools i use when inking is always the same: three pens with different thicknesses. 0.1 for the finer lines, 0,3 For the thicker lines and then a medium thick black marker for the bigger black areas. (Above)The finished inked drawing. That's it. Hope it can be of any help!

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Brilliant as per usual.

Out of curiousity - a question about the inking: You mention an A4 sheet, does that mean a canvas size in e.g photoshop or do you ink with pen on paper? I guess it's more of a question about the workflow with tools in general ;)

March 2, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterkisstank

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