Mikael Noguchi (born 1976) is a swedish born video-game artist and illustrator based in Oslo In Norway.

Specialties: Game-development, Graffiti and Street-art, 3D & Texturing, Concept-Art, Illustration,Storyboarding, comics, character designs, album-covers.

Megapop 2013 – Present
Art Director on all Megapop games, including Trolls Vs Vikings 1 and 2, Fight, Bjørnis. 

Generalist who do everything from 3D Art to 2D Art, Illustrations, marketing art, Storyboards and setting overall tone, direction for our games.

Fight (2017/2018), Art direction, Character design, Art-assets, storyboarding.
Bjørnis (2017/2018), Character design, Art-assets
Trolls Vs Vikings 2 (2017) Enviromental design, Character design, Art-assets.
Trolls Vs Vikings (2013) Enviromental design, Character design, Art-assets, Storyboarding.

Madcon - Madcontact Vol. 2 album artwork (2017)
Madcon - Over - single-artwork (2017)
Madcon - Gåsehud - single-artwork (2017)
Madcon - Ting Og Tang - single-artwork (2017)
Madcon - Drimmedua single-artwork (2017)
Takin Ova, Documentary for NRK. I did the animated sequences which were nominated (Gullrutens fagpris).
Graphic-Recorder for Våler kommune - Join 21 (2018).

Drammen Torg - A long temporary wall decorated with different people from Drammen (2018).
Roof Garden - Art-Dekor (2018).
Bab'n Booze - Mural art for a restaurant (2017).
Noobworks gaming-hut - 24-hour build challenge. I did the dekor (2017)
Senior house at Nordre Aker. Huge mural painting on the exterior wall. (2016)
Timber - 6x4 shipping containers painted by me and Eric Ness Christiansen for Drammen Havn (2016).
Perleugler mural - For bymiljøetaten at Strandpromenaden at Akerhus Festning (2016).
Nikay - Graffiti art for the peruvian japanese restaurant (2015).

Draw 2012 – Present

Doing a big variety of art related works.
Have worked on a lot of major licenses through the years, including Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Nike and Game of Thrones. 
Also do Graffiti-commissions on murals, canvases, boards and buses. I focus mainly on character-based paintings. I also do illustrations for comics, as well as co-authoring books. We won the Sproing award for 'Comic of the year' in 2013.

Hip Hop Hoder 2 (Nye Hiphop hoder) - Omslag (2018)
Drabant Vol. 3 -The third and last installment of the comic-book series (100 pages).
Drammen Teater - Huge mural made for the theater (2018)
Løten Kommune - Munch Tribute wall (2018)
The Thief Space at The Thief Hotel. - Solo exhibition. Paintings by me (2017).
Empty Frame Challenge - Competition. 1.st place (2017)
Public exhibition at Jernbanetorget with Eric Ness Christiansen and Gjermund Hansen (2017)
Samsung - Live painting (2017)
A Tribe Called Quest - Graffiti promo work (2016)
Netflix The Get Down - Graffiti promo work (2016)
Skada Podcast - Logo (2015).
Ugangprosjektet 2015 - Graffiti Mural of Drammens local politicians (2015).
Justin Bieber Graffiti-Mural for Universal Music (2015).
Strandpromenaden ved Akershus festning. Mural art (2015)
Drabant Vol. 2 - Nominated for best Norwegian comic of the year (2014) 
Live drawing at Burger Bar (2013)
Live drawing at Sony Musics preview of MGMT's 2013 album.
Drabant Vol. 1 - Award-winning best Norwegian comic of the year (2012)

Artplant 2001 – Jul 2012
Worked on numerous projects during these years. Mostly games, but also commercial-work, films, music, etc.

Game Of Thrones - 3D-Artist
Battle Star Galactica MMO - 3D-Artist, Concept-Artist, Storyboard-Artist
Olsen Banden Jr. - 3D-Artist, Concept-Artist, Storyboard-Artist
Henga & Bia - 3D-Artist, Concept-Artist
Josefine i Gulerotparken - 2D-Artist, Animation, Background-Artist
Kaptein Sabeltann - Grusomme Gabriels Forbannelse - 3D-Artist
Ridingclub Championships - 3D-Artist

Innerloop Studios 1997 – 2001
Project IGI - 3D-Artist, Storyboard-Artist, Concept-Artist 
Project IGI 2 - 3D-Artist, Concept-Artist 
Sega Extreme Sports, Concept-Artist, 3D-Artist

Dimaga Studios 1995-1997
The Core
Jetsurfer Championships

Funcom 1994 – 1995
Casper The Friendly Ghost
Dragon Heart
Split Realities